Cooked Meats

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Cooked Meats

Ham and other Cooked Meat

cooked_meats_img_m_01 We cook all our gammon hams ourselves in-house and are proud of the quality and taste

We also offer a range of Italian hams and other cooked meats, including -

  • Roast Beef (Home Cooked)
  • Corned Beef
  • Pancetta
  • Ox Tongue (Home Cooked)
  • Faggots (Home Cooked)
  • Black Pudding (Home Made)

Our home cooked Faggots, Ox Tongue and Black Puddings have all won regional awards.


haggis_img_s_01 We are pleased to be able to supply a range of Haggis products from Macsween of Edinburgh.

Charlie and Jean Macsween established a retail butcher's shop in Bruntsfield, South Edinburgh, in 1953.

The business passed to their son, John, who, along with his wife Kate, focused on the production of haggis and black pudding. Along the way they created the world's first dedicated haggis factory and the world's first vegetarian haggis.

Two of John and Kate's children, James and Jo, now run the business.