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Our Pork

photo_4 You can be sure of the quality of our pork, from loin chops and joints, to succulent tenderloins (pork fillet)and of course our own award winning sausages.

Our Pork is supplied by Prestige Pork, a local farm situated between the Blackdown and Quantock Hills. Here the pigs are free to roam in green fields, escape from the elements in their purpose built shelters, or wallow to their hearts’ content in muddy puddles.

Prestige Pork produce the highest quality pork.

They do that through a combination of good breeding, quality feed and exceptional pig welfare standards. As well as this from slow and careful rearing we believe they have created very high quality meat and we’re sure you will agree it is time well spent.

Because we know the source of all or pork, we can be sure that the quality is the best.

Cuts of Pork

pk_filet_img_m_01 We want you to make the most of your butchers and to sample our excellent pork, but we know that not everyone finds it easy to select and to ask for what they want.

To make it easier to understand which cuts are which, download our chart below and of course don't be afraid to ask for advice on what to buy and even how best to cook it. We are here to help!

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