Free Range Chickens

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Chicken and Turkey

Quality Local Poultry

cmead_inline_m_01 Riverside Butchers has an established supply of excellent quality free to roam poultry. We only purchase from local suppliers where we can be sure of the quality and we currently purchase birds from Castlemead Poultry and Creedy Carver.

Creedy Carver also supply our excellent free-range ducks.

The birds are cared for in small flocks and they are encouraged to roam freely through a range of sheltered areas, giving them freedom, but also the protection they need.

This, together with a constant supply of fresh food, water and bedding, leads to a happy, healthy and stress free life, improving the quality of the chicken.

Non Free-Range Chicken

We do also keep a selection of non free-range poultry, from reputable English suppliers.

Locally Supplied Turkeys

For traditional occasions and of course Christmas, we also supply excellent locally sourced turkeys, from Colin Reasons in nearby Pawlett.

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