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Veal, without the Cruelty

veal_img_m_02 Veal has acquired a bad reputation over the years, but we believe the time is right to shout about the virtues of welfare-friendly veal. Let’s face it – bull calves are an inevitable by-product of dairy farming.

Welfare Friendly

British veal calves, raised to much higher welfare standards (endorsed by Compassion in World Farming) is the perfect answer, if only we can be persuaded that it’s not cruel, but delicious and guilt-free.

A clue that the veal is well-raised (as all British veal is) is the colour. Unlike the white-beige colour of meat from animals whose diet is restricted to milk and whose movement is limited, it has a deeper pink tone, earning it the name Rose or Rosé Veal.

Veal has a flavour and texture all of its own, a tender deliciousness. It’s closer to lean pork than beef, but with the advantage that it can safely be eaten while still a moist, rosy medium rare.

Our Suppliers

We have a reliable source of welfare-friendly veal and are able to offer a selection of cuts from tender chops to the more common escalopes, when supplies permit

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